Me.083113Annie (OK, her real name is Adrienne, but you can call her Annie.  Or Adrienne.  Or A  :-)  ) has been actively growing African violets since the mid-1990s.

Her first attempt, however, was back in the wayback, when she was in college.  Someone gave her a leaf to root, which promptly rotted.  Her next attempt was a gift, which she could never get to bloom a second time.  As the saying goes, the third time was the charm: a violet rescue from a Jewel grocery store in Chicagoland.  It’s been a love affair ever since, and once she discovered the African Violet Society of America (AVSA), there was no turning back.

There are violets in the guest room, violets in the basement, and violets in the sunroom.  There is, occasionally, even a violet or two in the kitchen.  A  :-) has moved them across the country.  More than once.

Besides the violets, Adrienne has almost never met a fiber art that she didn’t enjoy.  She is a knitter and spinner (and a beginning weaver). She plays the bagpipes (yes, really!), and is learning to play the hammered dulcimer.  She loves to travel, most recently to Scotland,  the 2013 AVSA National Convention in Austin, to Egypt in 2011, and to Morocco in 2010.

She is an AVSA Senior Judge, an AVSA Life Member, a member of the Missouri Valley African Violet Council, and a member of the Illinois African Violet Society (IAVS), as well as a past member of the Hoosier African Violet Society in Crown Point, Indiana, and the Ventura County African Violet Society in Ventura, California.
If you’re a knitter or fiber artist, she is Annie97 on Ravelry, where she is one of the moderators of its African Violets Anonymous group.