All About African Violets was a video podcast produced by Adrienne “Annie” Rieck.  It initially ran in regular production from July 2012 to December 2013 and produced special episodes from January 2014 to April 2015.  It returned to regular production on May 24, 2015 and ceased production on November 29, 2015.

Thank you for watching.

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  1. Thanks Annie I have found the podcasts very informative, I hope you will continue with special episodes. Your guest interviews are great. Thanks Again. Bill Novickas

  2. Thank you, Annie, for hours of interesting and entertaining content. I know you put a tremendous amount of time, work and expense into this series. Unfortunately, I only found your podcast less than a year ago, and I’ve been hurrying to catch up and watch all of the episodes. No luck, but it was sure fun trying! I enjoyed every minute of the episodes I watched and would like to especially thank you for bringing us all of your wonderful guests…the Storks, Dr. Smith, etc. I wish you happiness in your endeavors and a healthy 2016. You have the most darling and joyous personality and it has been my pleasure to “spend some time with you”.

  3. I will truly miss waking up with Annie every Sunday! One of the most enjoyable, influential educators, I have had the pleasure to watch! Annie was like a small gift to enjoy! Best to you Annie!

  4. All the best to Annie. Her joyful spirit; tips and treasures is sorely missed. Much appreciation for all her hard work and devotion to producing the podcast.

  5. I will certainly miss you Annie. Thank you so much for doing all you can do to help The AVSA and all other affiliates with your Brilliant Podcast, as well as, showing the world what African Violets are All About! I will admit that I was so upset to here the announcement on the final episode that you have decided to end the Podcast (Now how am I going to spend my Sunday Mornings without the Red haired woman with the crazy hairstyles from Chicagoland talking about African Violets, and who was always a joy to watch all the time?), but I understand that you really put a lot of hard work and dedication to make this whole thing (Even though I just discovered the Podcast near the end of Season 1 and wasn’t there from the very beginning, but watched throughout the special episodes, Season 2, and repeated several episodes over and over.)possible. I just wish you could, at the very least, keep The Facebook page open, which I think you could use as a way on updating us on your plant collection and National, whenever you go to there if possible. I’m not saying that you have to update use every Sunday (That will of course defeat the whole purpose of you ending the Podcast, right?), but every few months, I would be happy with twice a year. No pressure, just I think it would be best to keep the Facebook page, since it doesn’t take paying for Bandwidth on your part and others would be very happy to know that you are updating us whenever you can. Plus you worked so hard to have that page made with all the people supporting it with their Likes, that taking that down would mean all of that work was for nothing. Anyway, I wish you all the best in the world of violets and hope to one day get to meet you in National (Unfortunately, not in New Mexico but hopefully in Florida). Thank you, you are always one “Tip and Treasure” to have watched on the Podcast! We all love you so much, and remember, LIMIT YOUR COLLECTION! Bye-bye *Plays end theme to podcast (My favorite that always get me Dancing), “All Creatures Of Our God And King”*

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