Tips on Tuesdays – Leaves

Our first Tips on Tuesdays post is about leaves. Have you ever seen a leaf like the one above on any of your plants? As our African violets grow, it’s common to find leaves that get “stuck” on another leaf.


Cranberry Crush with a tucked leaf that wasn’t caught in time.

As you are checking your plants, you might find leaves like the one above on my plant of Rhapsodie Patricia.  As it’s grown, it’s gotten itself stuck under the leaf in front of it.  If you find this and and you don’t correct it, you’ll end up eventually with a leaf that looks like this:


Cranberry Crush – with a split in the tucked leaf.

If you wait until it looks like the first photo of Cranberry Crush and then attempt to straighten it out, it will likely split (see the red arrow in the second photo of Cranberry Crush).

The solution to this is quick and very simple.


Rhapsodie Patricia: gently release the leaf so it can grow correctly.

Use your finger, a pencil, or other blunt tool, and gently release the leaf (see the third photo).  That’s all there is to it!

Taking a good look at your plants every time you water them will help you catch leaves like this early on and goes a very long way toward providing more consistent care.

In the fourth photo, you can see that formerly stuck leaf on Rhapsodie Patricia a few days after I released it.

It really is that simple!


Rhapsodie Patricia a few days later.