Q&A – Plant Registation with NoID Parentage


KP and DB ask Annie:

I got a question from Douglas about plant registration.  It came from this exchange on Facebook:


Q  KP:  I thought unregistered AVs can’t be parents?
 DB:  I’m always a bit confused on this. I know that if I have a seedling say from a seed mix where I don’t know the parents , that seedling can’t be registered.  But if I name that seedling, say NAo4, then I can use it a parent with another named plant and that be registered.So I guess then this Home Depot Yellow can be used as a parent, but it itself can’t be registered.  I will try verify this.


A Since I’m not a hybridizer and have never registered a plant, I went to Joe Bruns for clarification on this one.  Joe is in charge of plant registration for the AVSA, as well as the Master Plant List (formerly know as the Master Variety List).  Here is what he said:  “The parents of the plant that is to be registered must be a named variety, i.e. named by the hybridizer, not by the purchaser. You can’t just give a name to a NOID and use that as a parent. (Of course, you can use it as a parent, but you can’t register a seedling from a cross using it as a parent. However, you may name the seedling and use that as a parent, consequently registering an offspring from that cross.)


Douglas and KP, I hope this answers your question!


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