Growing Spaces – Jeff Jackson



The Growing Space of Jeff Jackson – Hybridizer of the Imps African Violets


Q Where in the world do you grow your plants?
~ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Q How Large is your collection?
~ About 100 named varieties, but usually 100+ seedlings at any point.

Do you have a favorite type of African Violet? ~ Wasps! I focus in on mainly miniatures, fantasy, bells and wasps.
Q Is there one AV that you are seeking above all others? ~ I’m trying to create Red miniature wasps, Yellow miniature wasps, and Black miniature wasps.

Q How long have you been growing African Violets?
~ Almost 20 years.

Q Where do you grow your African Violets?
~ Basement, in a special room built for my plants.


Q What type of light do your African Violets receive?
~ All my plants grow under two four foot Cool White fluorescent bulbs.

Q How many hour a day do your plants receive light?
~ 10-14 hours per day – depending on whether or not I have a show coming up.


Q What type of water do you use?
~ Straight from the tap. Edmonton pH is very neutral.

Q What type of fertilizer do you use?
~ Miracle Gro.

Q What watering methods do you use?
~ Wick water and occasionally matt watering


Q What are the temperatures like where you grow?
~ Very Cool. At night 65F, during the day 72F.

Q What is the humidity of your plant area?
~ VERY LOW. It’s a constant struggle to get it anywhere near 30%

Q Any additional information you would like in the posting?
~ It’s a challenge to grow and hybridize in small areas – I’ve only ever really had one plant stand, but it can be done. You have to be very selective on what you grow, and how many seedlings make the ‘cut’.

Kitchen counter turned into a work counter for potting plants

Side view of the plant stand

Kitchen counter turned into a work counter for potting plants

Jeff Jackson’s work counter (Potting Shed)


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