Growing Spaces – Douglas Brull



The Growing Space of Douglas Brull – Minneapolis Location


Q Where in the world do you grow your plants?
~ Minneapolis, MN and Greenwood, MA

Q How Large is your collection?
~ I am down to 142 Plants and 320 leaf-pots in Minneapolis. I haven’t counted officially the Greenwood plants recently.

Do you have a favorite type of African Violet? ~It has changed every few months—Currently I am just starting to get into miniatures.  I really do love cupped and spooned leaves, and flowers that show very strong veining.
Q Is there one AV that you are seeking above all others? ~ I need Commodore to complete my original 10 collection, and I have been searching for Red Delicious by M. Taylor in Australia.

Q How long have you been growing African Violets?
~ A little more than three and a half years, though I know I had a few previously that i killed very quick.

Q Where do you grow your African Violets?
~ In our loft in downtown Minneapolis, I have a room dedicated as my main growing area. I have two stands in the livingroom area, and 3 shelves in our closet for propagating leaves ( it gave me a reason to reduce my wardrobe )


Q What type of light do your African Violets receive?
~ The living room has LED strips, both warm and cool alternating. The plantroom has warm and cool T12’s and T12 gro-bulbs, warm and cool T8’s and T8 gro-bulbs, and one fixture of daylight LED’s in a tube formation, and finally, one plant ( Superman ) in a north window.

Q How many hour a day do your plants receive light?
~ The LED’s are at 6, the other shelves are at 8, but they all go on and off a couple of times a day, so their is alway some light in the room for about 12 hours.


Q What type of water do you use?
~ Tap ( pH adjusted )

Q What type of fertilizer do you use?
~ Dyna-Gro, Dyna-bloom, Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro. Alternating them every couple of reservoir fillings.

Q What watering methods do you use?
~ Everything Plant is wicked on a reservoir. Leafpots are all wicked and in domed trays, and I have an experiment with matting going on, but i have to say so far I hate it.


Q What are the temperatures like where you grow?
~ Constant 68 night–72 day

Q What is the humidity of your plant area?
~ It can drop down to the upper teens, but with the humidifiers going it is normally between 35% and 50%

Q Any additional information you would like in the posting?
~ As a reasonably new growing, I am still learning an amazing amount of information weekly.  I experiment a lot!

Everyone, try LED’s! At some point you may not have much of a choice, so figure out how they work best for you.

Consistant care is something I struggle with due to the fact that i spend about 3–5 weeks in one city then do the same in the other, so my plants are left alone with the exception of my husband topping off the reservoirs ( not a small task ) for me on the weeks I am gone.  Ive tried to set up as much as i can to be automatically consistant, but without someone correcting a caught leaf or a wick that stopped working, things go wrong.  I don’t grow for show because of this, and most things look pretty good.

Then challenges of growing in two locations mostly is due to the differences in water and humidity, though even the lighting needs to be different for the same plants.  I am learning how everything that affects your plants is connected and you can almost never change one thing without it cascading into the need to change other conditions.

If you want to see more of my plants/flowers, look for my page on facebook: grandpubbah’s great african violet adventure.

This is so fun!


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