Q&A – Would you be able to do a tutorial on AV trailers?


Janice asks Annie:

Q Would you be able to do a tutorial on AV trailers?  I’ve tried to grow several in the past, but lost them due to the potting soil and fertilizer fiasco.  I now have 2 Allegro Appalachian Trail that are doing well.  Still young plants that I started from a leaf.  The one plant has leaves starting at the base of the stem.  With this being a trailer, should I let them grow?  A trailer is supposed to have several centers, right?

Here are some pictures of Allegro Appalachian Trail.  The first one shows the leaves forming on the stem and the second plant shows the stem beginning to lay on the soil.  Hope that you can see the detail okay.  I’m still learning how to use my camera and close ups of the violets are difficult for me.  [Another topic maybe for you to use on the podcast – – – how to photograph violets.]

A trailer, Allegro Appalachian Trail, with new leaves appearing on the stem.

A trailer with new leaves appearing on the stem.

A trailer, Allegro Appalachian Trail, with the stem starting to lay on the potting mix.

A trailer, Allegro Appalachian Trail, with the stem starting to lay on the potting mix.

Although I started growing violets when I was in my 20’s, no one would ever know that I’ve been growing them off and on for 40 years.  It’s just the last few years that I’ve had more success.  Back in 2000 I had joined AVSA and also read a few violet forums on-line.  Your podcast is always informative and instructional.   Makes me realize that we all have a lot to learn about growing violets.

And about the reimagining the old podcasts – – – I really enjoyed the interviews you did with growers like Kent and Joyce Stark and Gary who grew his plants in his crawlspace.  And meeting some of the people behind the scenes at AVSA and the tours you gave us of the national shows.  I now have a greater appreciation for the work that these people have done to promote the joy of growing violets and other gesneriads from watching those podcasts.  It would be interesting to learn about the vendors who sell us the violets.  What are their problems with maintaining inventory, etc. ?


AHi Janice,

Thank you for your question on trailers.  I do hope to be able to do some tutorials on trailers so I’m glad to hear there is interest.  Could you send a photo of the plants so I can see where the leaves are starting?  It’s likely new crowns forming since the plant is a trailer.  You are correct – a trailer has multiple crowns!
Thanks, too, for your input on what of the older episodes you would like to see again and what you might like to see going forward.  This helpful for me.

I hope this helps,
Annie :-)


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