Growing Spaces – Sam Cunningham




The Growing Space of Sam Cunningham – Houston, Texas


Q Where in the world do you grow your plants?
~ Houston, Texas

Q How Large is your collection?
~ 400+ at all  grow stages

Do you have a favorite type of African Violet? ~ Vintage and species
Q Is there one AV that you are seeking above all others? ~ Commodore if I can ever find it, and it still exists.

Q How long have you been growing African Violets?
~ 4 or 5 years

Q Where do you grow your African Violets?
~ Plant Stands in office, book case, bay window


Q What type of light do your African Violets receive?
~ LED shop lights, strips, and full spectrum LED grow lights

Q How many hour a day do your plants receive light?
~ 8–10


Q What type of water do you use?
~ RO

Q What type of fertilizer do you use?
~ MSU “Magic Fertilizer for Orchids” 13-3-15

Q What watering methods do you use?
~ Mat, Modified Texan, Wicked, and bottom


Q What are the temperatures like where you grow?
~ 68-72 F year around

Q What is the humidity of your plant area?
~ 50-60% most of the time

Q Any additional information you would like in the posting?
~ Have fun with AV’s don’t be afraid to try new things.


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