Q&A – Is the fantasy trait recessive?


Douglas asks Annie:

Q I’m wondering if the fantasy (some types or all) gene is recessive and might show up in seedlings from a plant with no fantasy. I had a self cross of Kosmicheskaia Legenda-2, Blossom: Single-semidouble bright purple star/hot coral and variable white fantasy, and one of the seedlings has these very dark salmon flowers with no fantasy.  I just noticed today that it self-pollinated and there is a seed pod on it. Would you think that there’s a possibility of fantasy because of the grandparent?

Kosmicheskaia Legenda-2 in bloom showing its dark purple flowers and bright fushia fantasy

Kosmicheskaia Legenda-2 in bloom.

A pink seedling from a self-cross of Kosmicheskaia Legenda-2 showing no fantasy.

Seedling from a self-cross of Kosmicheskaia Legenda-2 showing no fantasy.


A Hi Douglas,

I checked with Dr. Jeff Smith on this one because I’m not a hybridizer.   Here is what he said:  ” I wouldn’t expect fantasy to show in this case as the gene is a dominant and shows if present.  Having said that, I have had fantasy skip a generation and show up in a case like this.  My best guess would be 95 percent or higher for no fantasy offspring.”

I hope this helps,
Annie :-)


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