Q&A – Do AV’s Grow Better in Green Pots?


Judy asks Annie:

Q At a recent meeting at our small AV club, one member told me that I should probably switch from using white AV pots to using green AV pots. She said she had heard that African Violets grow better in the green pots. Is there any truth to this?


A Hi Judy,

As with many things where African violets are concerned, there are multiple schools of thought on pot color; however, in my experience the color of the pot has no bearing at all on whether or not a violet grows better  :-)  I used to prefer white pots – and during the Look at What’s On the Stands you can see that I still have quite a few of them and still use them.  I’ve always liked the way they looked in my growing areas in both SoCal and here in Chicagoland.

One of my violet mentors, the late Dorothy Kosowsky (a tremendous show grower and a wonderful teacher), told me that I should be using green pots because the white was more visible when the judges are looking at your plants – meaning that any gaps in the foliage would be much less likely to be noticed if the plant was in a dark green pot!  I cannot say for sure if this true – and we all know that there are violets that have a much more open growth habit (often called “wagon wheel”) – but you’ll notice that I switched over to dark green a number of years ago  ;-)

How well a violet grows (or doesn’t grow) is very much about the care it receives, not about the color of the pot. I find that providing consistent care is what it’s all about.

I hope this helps,
Annie  :-)



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