All About African Violets – Episode 3.008 – Plants and Pots!


Welcome to my Sunroom

  • So glad so many of you enjoyed the convention footage and also last week’s Shorty about chaos in the plantroom!
  • I loved that some of you were playing along as I was removing leaves – grooming, and knowing which leaves to take gets easier the more you do it!
  • It is HOT here in Chicagoland

Tips and Treasures

So, last episode we talked at length about what you do when you’re coming home from show. This week, I would like to answer a few questions about pots that I’ve gotten – but first, I realized that I totally forgot to show you the last piece of footage from the convention showroom – the HONOR COURT!!! OMG!

Chuck said: “I was inspired from your first season to acquire Jersey Snow Flakes … and I, currently, have two plants which are growing/blooming fairly well. I see that you still have your Jersey Snow Flakes as well. My question is … have you ever had it in a pot larger than 4″ in diameter?”

Judy asked: “At a recent meeting at our small AV club, one member told me that I should probably switch from using white AV pots to using green AV pots. She said she had heard that African Violets grow better in the green pots. Is there any truth to this?”

Joan asked: “Does the shape of the pot matter? I like square, less tippy.”


A Look at What’s on the Stands

  • Another good look at what’s on the stands. You saw a lot of grooming in last week’s shorty – let’s go take a look at what things look like now.
  • The loss of Opt. Little Wichita Girl takes me from 59 varieties down to 58.
  • Fresh Air has already had a new stem cut for it, and it looks like the leaf was snapped off – so I might have some babies coming from the original stem, as well.

Get the Bail Money Ready

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Keep Moving Forward

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