Q&A – What Can I Do To Encourage More Buds On My Plants?


Alex asks Annie:

Q I have 3 African Violet plants and they were all full of blooms for about 2 months.   As the blooms died, I cut them off and so at present, there are very few blooms left.   What can I do to encourage more buds to form?   My plants are in a South facing window and I thought they were getting enough sun.  I also fertilize every week when I use a wick system for watering.  Please advise.


A Hi Alex,

There are a lot of variables in play here, but I think that the most important thing to touch on here is that you might have to be patient  :-)  If your plants have bloomed well for this bloom cycle, they are now resting and recouping for the next bloom cycle.  There’s very little you can do to speed this up, unless you want to live in a very hot, humid home with a lot of extra light  :-D

This cycle of growth is absolutely normal – just as we as humans cannot go full-speed ahead at all times, African violets need time to regroup after a bloom cycle.  They can and will bloom quite regularly as long as they are getting enough light.  A southern exposure could be a little bright for them during the summer months. AV’s generally prefer bright but indirect light.  I’ve found that a north/northeastern exposure works well in my climate and my growing conditions.

Keep providing consistent care, and groom them regularly.  It sounds to me like you’re on the right track!

I hope this helps,
Annie  :-)



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