All About African Violets – Episode 3.009 – The Other Gesneriads


Welcome to my Sunroom

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Tips and Treasures

    • Last episode we talked at length about pots and sizes of pots that you might use for your violets. I got a question last week from Dianna.  She asks:  “How do you set up the ceramic violet pots for success.  I was given about four of them, and I had a few of them years ago, but didn’t have success then.  I would like to try again.”

There is a great FAQ on the AVSA website about pots.

  • Today’s treasure is a look at some of the more notable “other gesneriads” in the national show, with Dale Martens!

A Look at the Stands

  • Things are shifting around here and babies are sprouting!

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Keep Moving Forward

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