Q&A – Follow-up to Lacey’s Determination Question


A few months ago, you might recall that Janice had a leaf of Lacey’s Determination that sprouted babies on the stem of the leaf rather than how we usually see African violet plantlets growing.  Here is the photo from the original post, showing the tiny plantlets growing on the stem of the leaf:

Plantlets growing from the leaf and stem

I heard from Janice again at the end of May.  She’d taken the advice that both Joyce Stork and Dr. Jeff Smith gave her, and popped the three babies off the stem and potted them up as you would a sucker.  Here are photos of the three in their own private Ziploc bags after about a month of growth – they are a little tough to see through the plastic, but you can clearly see how much larger all of them are:
Janice had this to say in her followup email:  “I can’t remember the date that I did remove the suckers from the leaf, but I wanted to show you how well they are doing.  The third one seems on the small side, but it’s still green and I’m hoping that in time it will do better.  The other two have already put out a few more leaves.  Thank you so much for your help in finding out what I should do.  I am quite happy that the babies are doing so well.  Thought you would like to see pictures.”
Janice, thanks for this update and I hope you will update us again as the babies continue to grow!