Q&A – Yellow Violets


Janice H. asked Annie:

Q Should yellow-flowered violets be grown cool or warm to get true yellow?  I have 2 violets with yellow blooms:  Senk’s Alchemy Morning Star and Ajohn’s Winter Sun.  Ajohn’s Winter Sun is now blooming, but the flowers are a very pale yellow.  Do they get more yellow as the plant gets older?  This is the first bloom for this plant.


A Hi Janice.  Generally speaking, cooler temps make for more vivid colors, so I would say that cooler temps might help deepen the yellow blossoms.  As to whether the color deepens as the plant matures – I cannot answer that one.  I have not grown anything with yellow in it in quite some time, but I would give the plants a few more bloom cycles to see if changing temperature has any effect.

I hope this helps,
Annie  :-)


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