All About African Violets – Episode 3.013 – Potting Styles – Really?


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  • The Chatter
  • After the episode where I demonstrated how I pot, I got a few questions about this topic, so I thought today would be a good time to discuss.
    • You probably saw Judy’s question about using perlite. It appeared on the website on September 5th:
      • I heard you say on one of your episodes that you use perlite in the bottom of your pots. I believe that there are different schools of thought on using perlite in the bottom of pots. What is the advantage to using perlite in the bottom of the pot?
        • First – just to clarify: I use coarse perlite in the bottom of the plastic pots you see on my stands. When I am using a self-watering pot (like the one the Big-Box Violet is in) I do not use any perlite in bottom.For the plants you see on my shelves, I use what is called the Modified Texas-Style of potting, and that layer of coarse perlite is part of that potting style. The coarse perlite in the bottom of the pot gives the roots of the plant airspace, which they need in order to grow well. In addition, that layer provides some “insurance” against over-watering. I will explain this style of potting and why I use it, in the next episode of the podcast.
      • I also got a message from Cathy, saying: “I have tried over and over with wick watering and it has failed to the point that I have almost lost two plants over it. I did everything I was supposed to do and someone told me who grows a lot of AVs, that it could be my environment and some plants don’t do well on the wick watering. Could that be the case?
    • So let’s talk about potting styles!!
    • SURPRISE!!!! These questions aren’t really about potting styles at all – they are about WATERING
    • Watering Methods:
      • Top
      • Bottom
        • Texas-Style
        • Modified Texas Style
      • Wick
        • Modified Texas Style
      • Mat
        • Self-Watering Pots
        • Modified Texas Style
    • Growing to Show, by Pauline Bartholomew
    • You CAN Grow African Violets, by Joyce and Kent Stork

A Look at the Stands

  • A look at what’s on the Stands.
  • Some results from my test with the LED lighting.

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