Q&A – Texas Style Potting


Dianna asks Annie:

Q Hi Annie,

You showed us how to pot up ceramic pots ( some worked some didn’t). Now would you explain the Texas method of potting up?  How often do you have to repot the violets you have wicked? Thanks for all you do.  It’s great to have a person to ask and get answers from.  I love the podcasts.  Hope your feeling much better now.


A Dianna,

I’m going to direct you to Episode 3.013, where I talk about potting styles and discuss Texas-Style and Modified Texas-Style in more depth.  And Episode 3.011, where I demonstrate Modified Texas-Style while potting up babies.  Hopefully these will answer your questions  :-)

Wicking doesn’t make any difference in the time between repottings.  It’s still every six months for standards, and every 3-4 months for minis and semis  :-)

I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcast!   And thank you very much for your good wishes – I’m well on the mend  :-)

Annie  :-)