All About African Violets – Episode 3.020 – Limit Your Collection

Welcome to my Sunroom

Hi Everyone!
Super happy to be back with you!! I did have another kidney stone right before Christmas, but – for the first time – I was able to pass it. Yay Me!

In editing this episode, however, I got a good look at my face. That HD camera is not all that kind . . . and it’s very clear that I’m not 100% and that I still don’t look all that great. Rest assured that I am OK and that all the kidney craziness is behind me. As mentioned, if any of you have struggled with kidney stones:

Jill Harris – at Jill Harris

Let’s jump into Tips and Treasures!

Tips and Treasures

Since you haven’t seen me for a while, I decided to be a talking head today and talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: Limiting Your Collection. In fact, the episode is a bit longer than usual, but I wanted to capture it all in one go. I will be posting full notes in two parts in the next week so you’ll have the full outline.

A Look at the Stands

You’ll get another look this episode at what happens when something more important the plants comes along. In my case, it was resting and regaining my health. I’ve managed to water the plants, but that’s about it.

Get the Bail Money Ready

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Show Us Your Growing spaces!!!

Show Us Your Plants!!!:

Keep Moving Forward

Thank you again for all your good wishes and prayers for my recovery – I know they helped! :-)

Thank you for joining me today, and thank you for the star ratings and reviews on iTunes and Facebook, and for the generous donations you have made via Paypal to help keep the podcast going. I so appreciate this!

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