All About African Violets – Episode 3.023 – Spring is on its Way!

Welcome to my Sunroom

Hi Everyone! 

Come on in to my sunroom.  Finally – health issues seem to be at bay for now, the weather has calmed down somewhat, and it’s time for me to answer some questions.  This episode is about 10 minutes longer than usual. 

Tips and Treasures

It’s Question Day!!!

  • Terri L asked:  “My African violets are growing and flowering great, by the flower stems are very long and weak.  Any idea why?”
  • Christine Clark asked:  “What makes an African violet a trailer and not just an African violet with suckers? Is it just that trailers do well with multiple crowns while others do not? For example if I were to buy an unlabeled plant and had no idea it was a trailer is there some way for me to figure that out? Otherwise I would be taking all the suckers off.”
  • Gwen asked:  “In a podcast you we’re showing how to plant up to wick water the plantlets. You showed setting them in the deli container and commented that You wouldn’t put them on a reservoir yet; why is that?  Also when not using reservoir, how much water do you keep in tray as doesn’t the wick need to be constantly wet to work and not dry out? And why wick at all without a reservoir as wouldn’t the water get to the plant from the holes in bottom?  Thank you!”
  • Florent asked:  I just found your website by google while looking for information about sports.  First of all I just saw your video about sports, amazing, so interesting and your violet collection his so gorgeous!  I enjoy your video because I’m French and your speech is not too speedy so I could understand correctly what you said …. my English is not too good … you could see with my writing.  In France no one speaks about violet care and information so I have to turn to UK and US to find information.  But there something I think I don’t clearly understand in your video.  I bought a leaf of Frosty Frolic (a sports of Frozen in Time ), the plant bloomed today and is not clearly Frosty Frolic , so I looked at the original plant (Frozen in Time) and nope … not right either.  My question is:  if I try to propagate again with the mother leaf (still in pot) will I get again the sport or could I have the right plant?  You won a new viewer for your video!! you should do a YouTube channel.  Have a nice day, best regards from France, Florent.
  • Janice H asked: I have 2 leaves of Jersey Blue Dreams in solo cups.  Both have been very slow in sending up mouse ears.  The leaves were put down 7-20-2018.  The one leaf has sent up a flower stalk with several buds.  The baby leaf is finally out of the soil.  I’ve never seen a mother leaf send up a flower stalk before baby leaves.  Everything seems healthy about the leaf.  Is this just a rarity? 

A Look at the Stands

More space on the shelves today.  Some interesting sports – but not interesting enough to keep . . .

First – Allegro Watermelon Ruffles –

  • Allegro Watermelon Ruffles (10439) 11/17/2011 (J. Stromborg) Single-semidouble ruffled light pink pansy/dark pink patches, green-edged top petals. Dark green, heart-shaped, glossy, ruffled, serrated/red back. Semiminiature.

This plant bloomed with wasp blossoms and single spots of fantasy on some but not all of the blossoms. 

Photo 1_Allegro Watermelon Ruffles Sport
Annie holding her plant of Allegro Watermelon Ruffles, which is a sport.

Second, DEO Star Special Forces. 

  • (Zvezdnyi Desant)  Sdbl. coral-pink ruffled stars with purple fantasy.  Medium green foliage.  Standard.  (Aksenkina)

This plant came from a leaf of this plant that appeared to be a sport of the original plant:

Photo 2_DEO Star Special Forces
The sport of DEO Star Special Forces from which Annie begged a leaf..

Mine turned out to be a sport of the sport . . .

Photo 3_Sport of a Sport of DEO Star Special Forces
Annie holding her plant of DEO Star Special Forces, which turned out to be a sport of a sport .

Get the Bail Money Ready

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Please check the AVSA Events page for current and coming events that might be near you.

Keep Moving Forward

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