African Violet – Seedlings ((Senk’s Snowy Egret x LE-Shato Brion) x Bashou), Part II

You might recall that Karin started a hybridizing program back in July 2018.  Well, she sent an update in November 2018, while I was taking a kidney break.  Karin – I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to share this!  Here is what Karin had to say:

“Just thought I would send you an update on my seedlings, in case you’re interested. [Of course we’re interested!!!]  I’ve potted them up to 2” cups, a bit bigger than solo cups (because that is what I had on hand), filled 1/3 with perlite at the bottom.

Seedlings ((Senk’s Snowy Egret x LE-Shato Brion) x Bashou)

I had planted them in a 72 cell seed starting tray, forgot to water at some point, and was down to about 40 plants, 32 of which were longifolia to some degree at least.  I expect the others were variable and may have come back. But we can’t keep them all… So, pre-selecting small plants with long leaves was about 75% successful.

Since I did not keep seedlings that started with round foliage, there is no telling if some of them may have developed into longifolia later (this may be an experiment to try when there is a smaller number of plantlets).

Now I am hoping to get them to bloom in the 2″ pots…  I’ll let you know if they do anything interesting ;) “

Seedlings ((Senk’s Snowy Egret x LE-Shato Brion) x Bashou) topview

Karin, Thank you for sharing this follow up!  I can hardly wait to see the next photos!!

Hybridized By: Karin Brockmueller
AVSA Registered: n/a
Blossom: Likely a mix of white blue, and some lilac.
Foliage: Aiming for variegated longifolia trailers.
Plant Size: Standard

Grown by: Karin