Q&A – Blossoms Instead of Babies

Janice asks Annie:

Q Hi Annie,

I have 2 leaves of Jersey Blue Dreams in solo cups.  Both have been very slow in sending up mouse ears.  The leaves were put down 7-20-2018.  The one leaf has sent up a flower stalk with several buds.  The baby leaf is finally out of the soil.  I’ve never seen a mother leaf send up a flower stalk before baby leaves.  Everything seems healthy about the leaf.  Is this just a rarity?

Jersey Blue Dreams with flower stalk but no baby plant
A Hi Janice,

My first thought is that it’s likely due to how the plant was hybridized.  Here is an example from my own stands of beautiful blossoms and really weak pedicels and peduncles, both: LE-Malakhitovaya Rosa (Malachite Rose)

I hope this helps,   Annie  :-)

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