Behind the Scenes – Here Comes Houston!

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to do a “Behind the Scenes” post. I will be traveling next Sunday, and the software I use is different that in years past, so I will not be able to share any live footage from National. But don’t worry – of course I will be sharing it when I get home!

I have decided to Instagram as much as I can while I’m at convention. I encourage you to follow the podcast there. On your phone in the app, search for @allaboutafricanviolets. If you also use the web browser, here is a link:

What does it look like to take the podcast on the road? It starts with my larger suitcase and my camera tripod.

Annie's empty suitcase and the tripod bag.
Annie’s empty suitcase and the tripod bag.

There are things I am donating to fundraisers . . .

Previous Convention souvenirs
Previous Convention souvenirs to be donated to assorted fundraisers.

And there is a ton of stuff to pack. There are clothes in there somewhere :-D

There is a lot of stuff to pack!
There is a lot of stuff to pack!

And I have my “Convention Kit,” that has cotton and tinfoil and scissors, a Sharpie, and plenty of Ziploc bags for those leaves that I know will be coming home with me!

Convention Kit
Annie’s Convention Kit – with bags, a Sharpie, cotton, tin foil strips, and scissors.

And there is camera gear (I’m frantically looking for the lens cap cover for my lens – I cannot imagine where it’s hiding . . . )

Annie's Camera Gear
Annie’s Camera Gear

. . . a few hours later . . .

Annie's three packed bags
Annie’s three packed bags

Alrighty then.

  • All the electronics are updated and charged.
  • I have a new play list for the trip. The suitcase is packed.
  • All the reservoirs are topped off.
  • All the houseplants have been given a good watering.
Annie's Sunroom
A last look at the sunroom before heading south. All reservoirs topped off and all other houseplants watered well.

Am I the only person who cleans the house before traveling???

Annie's Kitchen. Clean!!
Annie’s Kitchen. Clean!!

Oh – and I FOUND the lens cap cover :-D

The illusive lens cap cover. Found!
The illusive lens cap cover. Found!