Behind the Scenes – Gesneriad Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany

Hi Everyone, I’m so happy to be able to share some photos with you from the Society for Gesneriengewächse in Hamburg, Germany. This group was founded in 2018 and it had its first public display in July 2019, at the Botanical Garden Hamburg. Four members, pictured above, L-R: Natalia Hermann, Dimitrij Trofimov, Basti Genz, and Britta Dietze, participated in the exhibition, and wait until you see these photos! Wow!

Each of the four exhibitors presented different types of gesneriads. Natalia is known for many Russian and Ukrainian African violets, and Basti for many American and natural (species) African violets. Britta Dietze is known for her Achimenes hybrids, and Dimitrij Trofimov is known for miniature African violets.

Podcast viewer, Basti, shared photos with me, as did Dimitrij, and both gave their permission to publish them here on All About African Violets. Britta Dietze is well-known in Germany as a hybridizer of Achimenes. Her hybrids are the “Brid’s” series, and her website is called Roterpaprikagarten. You can use Google Translate Web – iTools to translate into English!

Below is a gallery of the photos that Basti and Dimitrij shared.  The Gallery is new for posts on All About African Violets, but it’s very easy to navigate.  You simply click on any photo, and it will “biggify” for your viewing pleasure, and you can then click through all the photos.   I don’t know the names of any of the hybrids, but I think you are going to be stunned – not only by how beautifully everything is grown – but also by the size of the display that was put on by four people!

Thank you, Basti and Dimitrij, for sharing your photos, and congratulations to all four of you for such a beautiful show!