Q&A – Plantlets Under a Dome

Earle asks Annie:

Q Hi Annie,

How long after you pot up your plantlets from leaf cuttings do you keep them in a contained, humid environment?  I have potted up a number of plantlets from leaves and I am keeping them under a humidity dome.  When are they ready to be out on their own? Thanks for your help. Please keep the podcasts coming.

A Hi Earle,

Once I have potted up babies, I do put them back under the dome for probably four or five days.  Then, depending on which dome it is, I either slide open the top vents or I put a pencil on opposite corners to let air come in but the plants are still under the dome.  I usually give them another four or five days like this before the dome comes completely off.

Hope this helps!

Leaves propagating under a dome
Leaves on Annie’s stand that have been propagating under a dome.