Q&A – Frosty Frolic and Frozen in Time

Florent asks Annie:

Q Hi Annie,

I bought a leaf of Frosty Frolic (a sport of Frozen in Time ), the plant bloomed today and is not clearly Frosty Frolic , so I looked at the original plant (Frozen in Time) and nope … not right either. My question is: if I try to propagate again with the mother leaf (still in pot) will I get again the sport or could I have the right plant?

A Hi Florent!

You are correct that Frosty Frolic is a sport of Frozen in Time. According to the AVSA list of known African Violet Sports, it has regularly sported to Frosty Frolic and also to “Ko’s Green Dragonfly” (9676) 08/03/2006 (S. Ko) Semidouble chimera lavender pansy/green-white stripe. Variegated medium green and white, quilted. Standard.

I checked in with Joyce on this. Here is what she said: “Unfortunately it is impossible to predict what might happen when another leaf is propagated. There might be a better chance of different results if the next leaf came from a different grower and a different strain of the hybrid. “

I hope this information helps you!