Q&A – My Plants Aren’t Blooming

C. Mercier asks Annie

Q Hi Annie,

I have about 60 African violets.   They are growing good in a variety of different lights.  Also sun light direct and indirect.  They appear very healthy.  The problem is they have almost no flowers.  Some have gotten quiet large.  I use Schultz fertilizer as directed, I have also tried it at 1/2 strength.  It does not seem to matter.

A Hi C.!

Generally speaking, the most common reason that an African violet does not bloom is that it’s not getting enough light, and depending on when you last repotted, that could be another factor.  However, since your entire collection seemed to be growing but not blooming, I checked in with Joyce about your question.  Here is what she said:

There are a lot of reasons why any individual hybrid might not bloom. When an entire collection (in varying stages of growth, various light, and fertilized) fails to bloom then it is more likely that the violets have a problem with getting adequate water when it’s needed – either in the potting mix or in the air. Newly forming buds are the first thing sacrificed when the roots are too dry or the humidity is inadequate. Growers who water occasionally, allowing the potting mix to dry out before adding more water, are sacrificing their buds. Similarly, dry air or drafts of dry air (like from a heating or AC air vent) will also cause the buds to collapse, often before they were even noticeable. It’s at least partly why so many experienced growers prefer constant watering techniques… their plants bloom more freely. I’ve also attached an article I wrote a while back from the AVSA website on some other secrets to get more flowers.

Joyce Stork

C., I hope this information helps!