All About African Violets – Episode 3.042 – Meet Paul Sorano

Welcome to my Sunroom

Hi Everyone – it’s chilly here in Chicagoland (really chilly), but it’s nice and warm in the sunroom. Come on in because I have a great episode for you today!

Tips and Treasures

Today we are going back to National and you’re going to meet Paul Sorano, the owner of Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, and a very well-known hybridizer of many, many African violets. I got to National a day year in 2019, and was able to catch Paul before the commercial sales room opened up!

A Look at What’s on the Stands

I think that Consistent Care is going to be a good theme for this year.  It’s so critical to being able to grow our plants to their full potential. I think you’re going to see a big difference in this episode because not only was I able to get some work done on the plants, I was able to practice much more consistent care in the past two weeks.

Look for my current list of plants in a “Behind the Scenes” post next Sunday!

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Keep Moving Forward

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