All About African Violets – Episode 3.045 – Meet Ken Muzalewski

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It’s been quite a couple of weeks . . .

  • I retired early!
  • The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has gained a strong foothold in the United States. Illinois is taking things very seriously, and many residents, myself included, are practicing social distancing at this time. Everyone is washing their hands even more than before, and seriously trying to avoid face touching, which seems very challenging to accomplish – you’ll see me do it at least three times in this episode.

Tips and Treasures

In this episode we’re going back to National 2019 to meet Ken Muzalewski, the hybridizer of the Hunter’s series of African violets.

Ken’s violets are available during the shipping season on eBay.  His eBay seller name is:  “piercedm

A Look at What’s on the Stands

Last week you saw how the stands looked before I set things up for show.  This week, you see my pre-show setup, and get a good look at all the Hunter’s varieties I’m currently growing.

Coming up on Week 10 of the pre-show schedule.

Get the Bail Money Ready!

The AVSA 2020 National Convention is happening 24-31 May 2020, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Because a number of show locations have been closed due to social distancing precautions I did not share any events this episode. Please check the AVSA Events page for current and coming events that might be near you, and definitely call ahead to make sure they are still happening.

Show Us Your Growing spaces!!!

Show Us Your Plants!!!: 

Keep Moving Forward

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In closing today, remember to practice social distancing, and wash your hands every chance you get. Here is the meme I mentioned during the podcast:

An Internet meme about social distancing
An Internet meme about social distancing

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