All About African Violets – Episode 3.046 – Staying Home

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Hi Everyone!

I know you’re surprised to see me today – it’s not a first or third Sunday of a month. These are extraordinary times we are living in, and since pretty much everyone, everywhere is at home, I thought I would do some special episodes of All About African Violets while we’re hunkered down.  I mean, seeing the plants always lift my spirits, and I thought seeing them a little more often might lift yours, too. And for those of you not hunkered down because you’re in an essential industry, you have my thanks. 

I’m going to change up the order a little bit today.

Get the Bail Money Ready!

As you know, I was going to be a speaker at National this year, and I was also working toward the Illinois state show.  I made the decision a little more than a week ago that, based on how things were already progressing with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, I would not be able to attend either the Illinois show or the national convention. 

Shortly thereafter, also due to the progression of the coronavirus, the Illinois African Violet Society made the decision to cancel its spring show that would have been held at the Lodge at Starved Rock State Park, on May 23rd

And then, on Friday the 20th, the AVSA followed suit and notified its members and convention participants that the AVSA National Convention has been cancelled for 2020.  In 2021 it will be in Atlanta, and we will go to Little Rock in 2022.

More than ever, if you have photos of your plants and/or growing spaces that you’d like to share for the website, now would be an excellent time to send them in. 

Tips and Treasures

I don’t have much in the way of Tips and Treasures today, other than to talk in a little more depth about the pre-show schedule.  I mentioned last episode that we were coming up on Week 10.  That happened on Thursday.  My next watering of the “show” plants will be with bloom booster.

The bloom booster fertilizer I use is one that is not readily available any more. It was called Peter’s.

A Look at the Stands

Since both the Illinois show and the national show have been cancelled, I don’t really need to leave the plants on the pre-show schedule, but I’m going to. 

We can use this time to learn more about grooming and working with the pre-show schedule – and when they all – hopefully – come into bloom, we will have something beautiful to see and enjoy.

This week I think it’s really interesting to see what more consistent care can do in a very short time.

Keep Moving Forward

A poem by the late John O’Donohue, from To Bless the Space Between Us.

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