Q&A – Are These Seedpods Ready?

Sadaf asks Annie:

Q Hi Annie,

I have cross-pollinated my purple and white African violets about 2 months ago. Now the seed pods are big, but I don’t know when to plant the new born seeds. (The stems are now dry.) Thanks.

A Hi Sadaf!

My initial thought was that they might need a little longer, but I’m not a hybridizer, so I went to Dr. Jeff. Here is what he said:

They look pretty dry and ready to me.  Any idea how long they were on the plant?  If it’s been longer than 3 months there should be some viable seed.

Another test is to check the seed on the pod is opened and spread on white paper.  Mature seed will be black and shinny.  If the seed is grey and slightly fuzzy, it probably won’t germinate.  You often get a mix of both types, but look for the black.  The seeds also move on the paper differently.  Black seed will roll.  Grey seed will slide.

Dr. Jeff Smith

Sadaf, I hope this helps!