All About African Violets – Episode 3.050 – Patience is a Virtue

Welcome to my Sunroom!

Hi Everyone! Come on in to the Sunroom!

Tips and Treasures

We are now on Week 4 of the pre-show schedule – but there’s nothing to be done now until about 1 week before show. 

Today I want to talk about patience, because it’s been pointed out to me that I have none  :-D  I’m well aware that It’s not my strong suit but when you have so many new plants getting ready to bloom for the first time, it’s really hard to be patient.

But in the past month, I have been tripped up by my impatience – with two different Hunter’s varieties, where the actual blossom colors did not fill in until a few days after the blossoms had opened.

I don’t know if this is a trait of Ken’s plants or perhaps it could be my growing conditions – only time will tell, but my experience with both of these plants certainly gave me a lesson in patience.

A Look at What’s on the Stands

More and more plants are coming into bloom, the show hopefuls are looking pretty good!

Get the Bail Money Ready!

The AVSA National Convention has been cancelled for 2020.  In 2021 it will be in Atlanta, and we will go to Little Rock in 2022.

BUT the 2020 Convention is going Virtual!!! 

Join the celebration from your computer by attending AVSA’s Virtual Convention on a special website. Each day of the virtual convention will bring new surprises including:

  • 2020 New Introductions from major hybridizers
  • Virtual AVSA Show Room
  • Virtual AVSA Sales Room
  • Educational presentations
  • And More!

The special website will go live on May 7, 2020 with more details including the virtual show schedule and entries process.

Entries Open May 7 to May 25. Watch for Entries information on the special website, but you can begin taking photos of plants now! You must be a member of AVSA to participate in the virtual show.


  • Original Photos of horticulture exhibits must be of the entire plant viewed from the side or from above and must show both foliage and blossoms.
  • Each exhibitor will be allowed a maximum of 5 exhibits including violet, gesneriad, and design entries. Submit 5 entries to become eligible for an award!
  • Exhibits will be enjoyed but will not be judged.
  • All horticultural entries must be correctly named.
  • Exhibitors must be members of AVSA and list membership # with entry.

More than ever, if you have photos of your plants and/or growing spaces that you’d like to share for the website, now would be an excellent time to send them in.

Keep Moving Forward

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