All About African Violets – Episode 3.056 – Remembering Barbara Elkin

Welcome to my Sunroom

Hi Everyone! Come on in and relax for a bit. It’s been a lovely few days in Chicagoland, but those days are getting shorter. On my walk yesterday morning I saw a couple of trees already starting to turn! Wow!

Tips and Treasures

Today I have some sad news to share – Barbara Elkin – grower, hybridizer, judge, teacher, and my friend, has passed away. She was one of my mentors and was the first teacher I ever had for judging school. I’m so saddened that she is gone. The interview I’m sharing with you today was done in 2013 at the Austin, Texas AVSA convention. The sound is poor and there is a lot of ambient noise, so turn your volume up.

I know that the photo I chose for the header of this post is a little blurry – it’s because we were both moving – I love it so much that I used it anyway :-)

Here are the photos I mentioned in the podcast. These were both taken a few years later at the AVSA Convention in 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here is Carolee Carter with Barbara. I know that Carolee also considers Barbara a true mentor, just like I do.

Carolee Carter and Barbara Elkin - Albuquerque 2016
Photo by Neil Lipson – used with permission

And here is Neil Lipson with Barbara, also taken at the 2016 Albuquerque convention.

Neil Lipson and Barbara Elkin - Albuquerque 2016
Photo by Neil Lipson – used with permission

A Look at What’s On the Stands

I can’t quite figure out why – when I have all this time now – I’m still not getting things accomplished with the plants! :-D

Get the Bail Money Ready!

In 2021 the AVSA’s annual convention will be in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you have photos of your plants and/or growing spaces that you’d like to share for the website, now would be an excellent time to send them in.

Keep Moving Forward

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