All About African Violets – Episode 4.01 – It’s About Grooming

Welcome to my Sunroom

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my Sunroom!!

I am really happy to be back with you here on the podcast!

Tips and Treasures

I have a lot to share with you today! I took my four large Optimara plants and broke them down. I filmed so you could watch!

A Look at What’s On the Stands

Wow! There are some embarrassing moments here on the stands today . . . but you know I always show you the bad along with the good, and with there not being any shows near me, I confess that I’ve become a little lazy in the plant room . . .

Get the Bail Money Ready!

In 2021 the AVSA will again be having a Cyber Convention. Today, May 2, 2021 is the last day to register for convention at the early bird price.

Please check the AVSA website for events in your area.

Keep Moving Forward

Thank you for joining me today – I am very happy to be back online with you.

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