All About African Violets – Episode 4.02 – This, That, and Sports

Welcome to my Sunroom

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Sunroom!!

We’re going to talk about sports today. Not that kind of sports. :-D

Tips and Treasures

Today you get to see the possible chimera bloom that was on my Geyser of Color plant. Here is the description of this variety: Geyser of Color (10678) 03/19/2014 (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single pink sticktite star/purple fantasy. Variegated medium green and beige, spooned, quilted. Standard. As you can see in the episode (and in the photo, above) – that’s not what I got! Will the bloomstalk propagation work? I don’t know. I’m crossing my fingers.

A Look at What’s On the Stands

Still a few embarrassing moments here on the stands today . . . but I’m pretty excited about the possibility of another sport! This one from Mandan Dandy. Here is its description: Mandan Dandy (K. Stork) Single-semidouble dark coral frilled star. Dark green, wavy. Standard. You know that’s NOT what I got. This time it’s not a chimera, but rather a gorgeous fully double blossom! I’m excited to grow this out and see if stays true with this new double blossom. I’m going to try some bloomstalk propagation on this one, as well as leaf propagation.

Get the Bail Money Ready!

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Keep Moving Forward

Thank you for joining me today – I hope your days are filled with all the things you love :-)

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