All About African Violets – Episode 4.05 – More Grooming!

Welcome to my Sunroom

Welcome to my Sunroom, you guys!!!  Fall is definitely here in Chicagoland!

I would like to thank those of you who have found the podcast important enough to you that you have supported it monetarily. I have recently received some very generous donations via the PayPal Donate button that you see above. Any financial donations made go directly to help defray the costs of keeping All About African Violets “on the air.” Thank you. Thank you. And thank you again. :-)

Tips and Treasures

I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed my grooming experiment last episode. I’m also really glad to get your feedback – and it was as I had feared – hard for you guys to actually see what I was doing, particularly in terms of symmetry.

Big thanks to all of you who provided feedback!!

So – let’s watch some more grooming – from the top, down, this time!

A Look at What’s On the Stands

Things are starting to look a little roomier on my stands!

Get the Bail Money Ready!

There are a few places with shows and events coming up! 

Please check the AVSA website for events in your area.

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Keep Moving Forward

Friends, I have some news to share with you and it’s going to sound like bad news. I have endometrial cancer. I know – it sounds bad. But I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as it sounds for me. Endometrial cancer is very treatable and it has a 99% cure rate! If it hasn’t spread, I may not even need to have chemo or radiation. Mine is Grade 1, which means we caught it early. My prognosis is excellent and I plan in being in that 99% group :-)

It is important for you to know that I am not a doctor and anything I share with you of a medical nature should not be construed as medical advice. That being said, I want to mention the importance of knowing the symptoms of endometrial cancer. It is one of the most common types of uterine cancer. Uterine cancer usually occurs around menopause or after, but younger women over the age of 35 are also at risk. 

There is no screening test for endometrial cancer, so it is important for women (and men who have women in their lives) to be familiar with the symptoms and speak to your doctor if you experience anything of concern. I have linked to the American Cancer Society twice in this post already. It is a highly reputable website with a lot of information and I found it to be a good place for me to start as I was looking for information on my journey. There are two main symptoms of endometrial cancer:

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding, spotting, or other discharge
  • Pelvic pain, a mass, and weight loss

My symptom was the first one – post-menopausal bleeding. If you are a post-menopausal woman and you start bleeding, it’s not normal and it must always be checked out by your OB/GYN.

I am chronicling my cancer journey on my personal blog, Knit and Run. If you want to follow along there, I invite you to subscribe once you are on the site (which is now hosted on WordPress) and you will receive an email whenever there is a new post there. If you know someone who might benefit from learning about my journey, please do not hesitate to pass along the link to my personal blog. The first post there about my cancer journey was posted on Friday, October 15, 2021.

An initial surgery and my diagnosis have already affected the podcast. My treatment – which, initially, will be another surgery – and my recovery will likely affect podcast episodes for at least the rest of this year, 2021. I’m working on filming ahead – but it remains to be seen how things will go and how much energy I will have.

As you can imagine, I am being even more cautious about masking up everywhere I go here. My upcoming surgery means that I cannot get my COVID booster shot until after my recovery period. In my state – Illinois – we have a full-on mask mandate again, which is helping to keep me safe, but my activities throughout the rest of the year will be few and far between. 

Again – I say to you: PLEASE – Get Vaccinated.  And keep practicing the 3 Ws:

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Watch your distance

Thank you for joining me today – as always, I hope your days are filled with all the things you love :-)

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